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Aluminum brush strip is a main kind of aluminum strip. The wire drawing process refers to using sandpaper to repeatedly scrape the surface of the aluminum alloy until the lines are scraped. The surface of the brushed aluminum strip can clearly see every line, and at the same time, the metal matte of the aluminum strip can show a fine hair luster, so that the aluminum profile becomes more fashionable.

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The effect of drawing

1. It can eliminate scratches on the aluminum strips. The degree of elimination is related to the depth of wire drawing. Generally speaking, the greater the depth of wire drawing, the stronger the ability to eliminate defects on the surface of aluminum strips.

However, for the demanding wire drawing process, it is necessary to use pretreatment such as grinding or polishing to eliminate the surface defects of the workpiece before drawing.

2. It will improve he texture of metal materials. It provides a good decorative effect for aluminum strips to increase the aesthetics of the product, which is also a commonly used treatment method at present.

5xxx aluminum strip is the commonly used aluminum alloy series. Its magnesium content is between 3-5%. The processing technology is continuous casting and rolling. It can be anodized and brushed, which has good brushing effect.

The aluminum strips for sale of the same alloy will have price differences due to different widths and different packaging methods. In principle, the smaller the width, the smaller the inner diameter, the higher the price. The common width is more than 200mm, and the commonly used inner diameter is 500mm.

Therefore, it is suggested that if the user has no clear requirements for the inner diameter, the inner diameter of 500mm can be selected, and the width needs to be determined according to the actual product size.

The processing thickness and tolerance of the aluminum strip are closely related to the slitting equipment. Our aluminum strip slitting equipment is all from Germany, which can effectively control the width tolerance, and the tolerance can be controlled within 0.05mm. At present, it can cut aluminum strips with a thickness of 0.15-3.0mm to ensure no scratches and precise width tolerance control.

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