Alloys of Aluminum Flashing Strips

Aluminum flashing strip is a kind of aluminum flexible strip with a certain anti-corrosion function, and it has certain applications in some industrial production and some daily life. The main application of aluminum flashing strips is some construction industries. It can be used as some building materials, so that it can guarantee the warmth retention and some water resistance of the building to a certain extent. The common alloys are 1060 and 8011.

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The advantages of 1060 aluminum strip are thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and good ductility. 1060 pure aluminium strip is widely used in making gaskets, auto parts, capacitors, food packaging, electronic labels and other industries.

Aluminum 8011 has higher advantages because of the addition of Al-F. It is often used to make aluminum foil, and its performance is better than that of pure aluminum. It is made of electrolytic aluminum with a purity of more than 99% and is rolled.

It has excellent electrical conductivity and shading performance, and has extremely high moisture resistance, gas barrier and taste retention. Aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, which can completely block any gas, water vapor and light.

Advantages of aluminum flashing strip

1. Good tensile strength, good flexibility. It can stick to various irregular roofs.

2. The construction is simple and does not need professional construction. Just remove the isolation film of the lower layer of the material, and stick it in the right position.

3. The self-extension rate reaches 400-1000. It has a strong adaptability to the thermal expansion and contraction of the metal roof. With the unevenness of the roof, it is firmly attached to the roof so that the air is completely isolated from the metal roof. It can not only achieve waterproof function but also play an anti-corrosion effect.

4. The solar radiation absorption coefficient is extremely low 007, which has excellent heat insulation performance and can reflect more than 93% of radiant heat.

5. The surface of the material is made of metal aluminum foil, which is a soft metal film. The metal aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture-proof, air-tight, heat-insulating, anti-ultraviolet light, and abrasion resistance. The self-adhesive layer is aging-resistant butyl rubber, which has strong cohesive force. Welcome to leave message to inquire aluminum 8011 and 1060.

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