Aluminum strip for transformer

The aluminum strip with transformer without bur and scratch is burr-free and the surface of the finished product is smooth and seamless, the plate shape is flat, and the cross-section is neat and chamfered to achieve rounded corners and zero burrs.
The aluminum strip for transformers is mainly used for internal winding of dry transformers.
Appearance quality of aluminum strip for transformer:
The aluminum foil has neat sections, rounded corners, no burrs, loose rolls, lifting bars, towers and other defects.
Surface quality of aluminum strip for transformers:
There are no defects such as roll marks, black lines, bright spots, scratches, bumps and the like on the surface of the aluminum foil.
The surface of the aluminum foil has no oil spots, tears, blistering and the like formed after annealing.

Product details of aluminum strip for transformer
Thickness ranges from 80 μm to 12 mm
Width ranges from 40 mm strip to 2,600 mm wide sheets
Lenghts from 300 mm to 12 metres
Alloys of the 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx series
Aluminium can be processed in a cold and hot condition
Aluminium is ductile. Foil can be rolled to only 0.007 mm thickness, but will still be completely impermeable and lets neither light, aroma nor taste substances in or out. The metal itself forms a protective oxide coating and is highly corrosion resistant. Different types of surface treatment can further improve these properties.
transformer aluminum strip because the industry requirements are relatively high, so in the production and processing at the same time, must be strictly checked, in order to ensure that each batch of goods are exquisite.
Transformer aluminum strip is done after machine slitting from aluminum mother coil, so need to pay attention to quality of the aluminum coil in aluminum strip processing, processing of raw materials from the first before the check, selection of high quality aluminum coil slitting processing, remove burrs. Strict inspection of surface quality problems, such as scratches, oil stains, burrs and other problems, will put an end to the problem of raw materials.
The transformer is packed in aluminum tape:
There are large rolls and wooden boxes.
Large roll packaging: Large rolls are sized according to customer's custom width, thickness, roll diameter and length.
Wooden box packaging: The size of the wooden box is determined by the custom length, thickness, width and weight of the single box.

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