1000 Series

1050 Aluminum Strip

1050 aluminum strip/coil belongs to commercially pure wrought family with a purity of 99.5% Aluminum.

1070 Aluminum Flat Strip

1070 aluminum strip has some features such as high plasticity, anti-corrosion, electrical conductivity,etc., so it is widely used in transformer, fin stock, window spacer, cable, name plate,etc.

1145 Aluminum Strip

Alloy 1145 aluminum strip is a typical alloy for aluminum and which is currently the most widely used metal in our daily life.

1060 Aluminum Strip

1060 aluminum strip/coil is pretty similar to 1050 aluminum alloy strip with more than 0.1% of aluminum by weight.

1000 Series Aluminum Strip

This series aluminum strip can be used to process parts which require good forming property and high anti-corrosion, but do not require high strength.

1100 Aluminum Strip

1100 aluminum strip/coil is the most commercially pure alloy of all the aluminum grades.


2000 Series

2017 Aluminum Strip

2017 aluminum strip is a typical hard aluminum alloy of the Al-Cu-Mg series.

2024 Aluminum Strip

2024 aluminum strip is a typical hard aluminum alloy (Al-Cu-Mg).with copper as the primary alloying element.

2014 Aluminum Strip

2014 aluminum strip is an aluminium-based alloy often used in the aerospace industry.


3000 Series

3105 Aluminum Strip

3105 aluminum strip/coil with 98% pure aluminum and slight alloy additions for strength.

3003 Aluminum Strip

3003 aluminum strip is an aluminium-manganese alloy which approximately 20% stronger than alloy 1100.

3104 Aluminum Strip

3104 aluminum strip(AL-Mn) belongs to modification aluminum alloy strip, the temper including H111 / 0 / H14 / H16 / H18 / H34, etc.

3004 Aluminum Strip

3004 aluminum strip belongs to AL-Mn alloy series, which has higher strength than 3003.

3005 Aluminum Strip

3005 aluminum strip alloy (Al-Mg) is approximately 20% higher strength than alloy 3003 with superior corrosion resistance.

3000 Series Aluminum Strip

This series aluminum strip can be used to produce plates, thick plates, tensile pipes, extrusion pipes, etc.


5000 Series

5086 Aluminum Strip

5086 aluminum strip has high strength capacity than 5052 and 5083 aluminum strip , but it is not strengthened by heat treatment.

5052 Aluminum Strip

5052 is an aluminium alloy, primarily alloyed with magnesium and chromium.

5005 Aluminum Strip

5005 aluminum strip/coil of haomei .is certificated to ASTM, EN as well as JIS, etc.

5083 Aluminum Strip

5083 aluminium strip is an aluminium alloy with magnesium and traces of manganese and chromium.

5000 Series Aluminum Strip

As a result of its good forming property, anti-corrosion, fatigue strength and medium static strength.


6000 Series

6061 Aluminum Strip

6061 bare aluminum strip of haomei aluminum. 6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy.

6082 Aluminum Strip

6082 aluminium alloy strip is an alloy in the wrought aluminium-magnesium-silicon family (6000 or 6xxx series).

6063 Aluminum Strip

AA 6063 is an aluminium alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements.


7000 Series

7005 Aluminum Strip

7005 aluminum strip (Al-Zn-Mg-Cu) belongs to super-hard aluminum with great welding performance.

7050 Aluminum Strip

Alloy 7050 aluminum strip are the principal choice for aerospace applications, especially in the 3-6 inch thickness range.