3000 Series

3003 Aluminum Strip

3003 aluminum strip is an aluminium-manganese alloy which approximately 20% stronger than alloy 1100.

3105 Aluminum Strip

3105 aluminum strip/coil with 98% pure aluminum and slight alloy additions for strength.

3000 Series Aluminum Strip

This series aluminum strip can be used to produce plates, thick plates, tensile pipes, extrusion pipes, etc.

3005 Aluminum Strip

3005 aluminum strip alloy (Al-Mg) is approximately 20% higher strength than alloy 3003 with superior corrosion resistance.

3004 Aluminum Strip

3004 aluminum strip belongs to AL-Mn alloy series, which has higher strength than 3003.

3104 Aluminum Strip

3104 aluminum strip(AL-Mn) belongs to modification aluminum alloy strip, the temper including H111 / 0 / H14 / H16 / H18 / H34, etc.