The Manufacturing Process and Uses of Brushed and Polished Aluminum Strips

Brushed aluminum strip

Brushed aluminum strip is an aluminium strip product with a brushed texture on the surface that is obtained by using the power of a machine to process the aluminum coil through a series of processes.

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1. The selection of raw materials

First of all, you need to choose high-quality aluminum alloy materials that meet national standards. This material has good surface smoothness and mechanical strength, and will be more beautiful and durable after wire drawing treatment.

2. Blank processing

Cut the purchased aluminum coils into sizes suitable for processing. Or directly purchase aluminum coils of appropriate size.

After cutting, aluminum coils need to be deburred and surface treated. The deburring process is performed by machine and removes any sharp edges remaining on the surface, giving the overall appearance a smoother appearance. Surface treatment uses pickling and oxidation methods to make the surface clean and smooth to prepare for the subsequent wire drawing process.

3. Wire drawing processing

The aluminum coil is fed into the processing area of the wire drawing machine, and the power of the machine produces regular fine drawing stripe textures on the surface of the aluminum coil. The direction is generally perpendicular to the length of the aluminum coil, which increases the surface gloss and hardness and has certain anti-scratch and anti-corrosion properties.

4. Cutting and packaging

The aluminum coils after wire drawing can be cut into the required length and width, and then carefully packaged for transportation and storage without damaging the surface of the aluminum coils.

Polished aluminum strip

The bright and delicate surface of high-end polished aluminum strip not only adds vitality to the room, but its reflective effect can also make the room brighter and more transparent. The simple style creates a pleasing feeling. Therefore, as people's requirements for decoration quality continue to increase and decoration consumption concepts continue to change, more and more hotels, especially high-end hotels, choose mirror aluminum.

Using mirror finish aluminum flat strip as furniture frames and other parts can enhance product fashion, improve product quality, and attract consumers' attention. Therefore, the development of metal furniture not only alleviates the shortage of wood, but also improves its excellent strength performance and high-end surface texture.

Many modern minimalist-style furniture have begun to use polished aluminum strip and sheet as basic materials, and many common home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, color TVs, lighting and home decoration products have mirror aluminum elements.

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