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Aluminium strip is a deep processed aluminum product formed by aluminum coil cutting. It is an important raw material in industry. The main processing equipment of aluminium led strip is the split unit, which can be divided into required length and width according to needs. Of course, the strip processing equipment is universal, can also be processed on copper coil, the product is called aluminium copper strip. Today, aluminum strip cutting processing has entered the automatic sequence, the use of large-scale vertical shear cutting machine control, set strict program parameters, for aluminum strip cutting batch production is easy.

The longitudinal cutting of aluminum strip can be divided into two types: direct pull and looper. The straight-pull type is that the whole line of aluminum strip from uncoiler to coiler is in tension state, which is suitable for trimming and intermediate slitting. Loop type is the aluminum belt in the train between the vacuum table and the disc shear form a pan, stored in the loop, so that it is relaxed, the other sections are still in tension, the production mode is suitable for both cutting edges, but also suitable for slitting.

In the production of thin aluminum strip (thickness 0.2-0.3 mm), the requirement of aluminum plate shape is high. Lotus edge defect which is easy to produce is eliminated in the slitting process of longitudinal shear. (Lotus leaf edge is the aluminum strip in the shearing process and the blade, rubber ring, flattening roller contact between improper, so that the edge of the aluminum strip formed a lotus leaf-like narrow strip wave). Every time the edge defect of lotus leaf occurs in the production of aluminum strip longitudinal shear, the cutter or flattening roll should be readjusted, and the eyelid should be pulled again to check the shape of the strip. This not only affects the production efficiency, but also reduces the yield. Once the edge roll of lotus leaf appears, it can not be used as a qualified product. Therefore, all kinds of surface quality problems occurred in the longitudinal shear cutting process of aluminum flat strip are solved one by one, which ensures that the surface of the finished aluminum strip is smooth and has no burr.

According to the alloy elements contained in the aluminum strip, the aluminum strip and aluminum plate are also divided into 8 series. However, the current series are 1000 3000 5000 and 8000 Series.

According to the annealing state of aluminum strip, aluminum strip can be divided into soft (o state) semi-hard (H24) hard (h18). At present, the most commonly used should belong to the whole soft series, because the O state is easier to stretch and bend.

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