The Uses of 4 Inch Wide Aluminum Strips

Aluminum strip is the product of aluminum coil after slitting, widely used in transformer, lighting, ceiling,etc. The aluminum strip is generally cut according to the actual width of the user, which can reduce waste and cost. Aluminium strip 100mm is a popular width. The common alloys are 1060, 3003, 3004, 3105 and 5052.

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The processing thickness and tolerance of the aluminum strip are closely related to the slitting equipment. Our aluminum strip slitting equipment is all from Germany, which can effectively control the width tolerance, and can control the tolerance within 0.05mm.

Aluminum strip 100 mm for transformer is mainly used for internal winding of dry-type transformers. The application of transformer aluminum strip can make the dry-type transformer have the advantages of small size, light weight, good insulation performance, flame retardant, no pollution, small partial discharge, moisture resistance, stable and reliable operation, low noise, low maintenance cost, etc.

The color coated aluminum strip also plays an important role in the field of rolling shutters, and compared to other materials, aluminium has excellent properties such as low weight and high rigidity. With suitable coating, it can keep no color fading for15- 30 years.

Aluminum strip 100 mm, that is 4 inch wide aluminum strip, is also used for ceiling. In suspended ceilings made of mineral fiber boards, the ceiling strips can enhance the decorative appearance of the ceiling support structure. This narrow and thin coated aluminum strip is often used to cover T-rail surfaces. The strip ceilings are being manufactured in different widths and at any desired length.

Aluminum alloy strip has been used for rain gutters, and the forming properties of aluminum are suitable for machines to make sinks and their accessories. The common alloys are 3105 and 3003. Both sides of the aluminum strips are usually coated with the same coating, but often in different color combinations. This allows the customer to choose and install any color finish.

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