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Color coated aluminium strips | Prepainted aluminum strip supplier


Aluminum Alloy A1100, A3003, A3005, A3105, 8011, 8006
Temper H16, H26, H24, H22, H18
Specification Al Thickness 0.04-1.20mm
Coating Thickness double coating-25 micron, single coating-18 micron, primer-5 micron
Width 20-1700mm
Surface treatment anti-scratch, high glossy, matte
Coating technique 1-6 coated
Color wooden grain, marble stone, plain color,3D, HD, metallic, patterned, etc.
Coating adhesive no lower than first grade
Impact resistance no cracking and peeling(50kg/cm, ASTMD-2794:1993)
Coating Density: 0.890 g/cm3
Packing Wooden plate, covering with craft paper and film, Eye to Sky or wall to Sky packing.
Wooden cases
 color coated aluminium strips
Features of Color coated aluminium strips
1) Light weight, high strength, extreme rigidity, superior impact resistance
2) Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
3) Heat insulation, sound insulation, fire-resistance
4) Acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, good weatherproofing and non-resonance
5) Various uniform colors ,can be easily processed and fabricated, quickly installed
6) Elegant and magnificent, good flexibility fits various designs
7) Easily maintenance, simply cleaning
Application of color coated aluminium strips
coated aluminium strips
1.Main application: aluminum-plastic composite tube, cable, metal hose, aluminum curtain, transformer, heater, blinds
2. Building and construction: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies, shutters, doors...
3. Advertisements: display platforms, signboards, fascia, shop fronts/3D words...
4. Deep drawing : spinning concave shaped containers, welding accessories, heat exchanger, clock sheet metal parts, fan blade, electrical parts, chemical apparatus, Cap material, bell surface and the disk, plate, kitchenware
Packaging and shipping
Like plain strips, prepainted aluminium strips are also placed on wooden pallets after being wrapped properly.
prepainted aluminum strip
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