aluminum strip for caps

This hot rolled aluminium foil strip quality makes it is good for deep drawing, and 99.7% high purity let the cosmetic cap surface is very bright, and the surface is very soft and smooth, in conclusion 1060 8011 aluminum strip for caps O cosmetic cap strip is ideal for use on perfume bottles and cosmetic bottles, which need shining and bright surface, such as cream jar, perfume bottle, screw top bottle, cosmetic cap etc.

Product name alloy temper thickness(mm) width(mm) Inner DiameterApplication Processing way
aluminum strip1070 1060 1050 1145 1235 1100 1200 3003 8011 H18 H26 H14 H24 H22 O 0.2mm~3.0mm10mm~300mm



All kinds of industry aplicaitonDC or CC

1. How long will it take to execute my order?
This depends on the the order quantity and models. our normal lead time is 10-15 working days.,but we have many models in stock,We will let you know the estimated lead time after payment ASAP.

2. How much will the shipping cost be?
This will depend on the size and weight of your order and the method of shipping,
When inquired about shipping charges, we will need the detailed infos such as models and qty, and the shipping method you prefer.

3. Do you have aluminum foil strips in stock?
Because we only do wholesale, usually do not have stock, we provide fast shipping for most products, If there is any stock, we will inform you with details.

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