What Are Uses of 1070 Aluminum Strip

At present, 1070 aluminum strip is pure aluminum alloy with the highest purity, featuring high plasticity, low strength, corrosion resistance, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. The electrical conductivity can reach 35.7 S/m or more.
The 1070 aluminium strip cannot be strengthened by heat treatment while can accept contact welding and gas welding. It is widely used in metal stamping parts, lamps, transformer aluminum stripe, aluminum strip for radiators, hollow glass window spacer,etc.
1070 aluminum strip
Transformer aluminum strip

The dry-type transformer aluminum strip is made of high-quality pure aluminum, which has the characteristics of high conductivity, soft quality, smooth surface and no burrs.It is an ideal material for the production of dry-type transformers and a key raw material for the manufacture of transformer winding.
Hollow glass window spacer
The aluminum strip for hollow glass is required to be bendable, not easy to break, not easy to crack and of even cut without any burrs.
Lamp base and LED aluminum strip
Waste in production has always been a troublesome problem for the manufacturers. If there is too much waste in production, it will invisibly increase product costs. The use of 1070 aluminum strip will effectively solve the problems. Therefore, for some lamps and utensils manufacturers, it is recommended to use aluminum strip for processing.
Aluminum fin stock
Since aluminum strip has good conductivity and heat dissipation performance, the conductivity of aluminum in non-ferrous metals is only lower than that of copper. Therefore, aluminum strip is used to replace copper strip as a common material for fin-type radiators.
The use of aluminum strips as heat dissipation fins can reduce the cost of raw materials without significantly reducing the cooling effect. The aluminum strip price is only one-third of the copper strip price.
In addition to 1070 aluminum strip, Haomei Aluminum has other 1xxx aluminum strip including 1060 and 1100 aluminum strip. Welcome to leave message below to inquire inquire what you want.

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