Aluminium Strip 30mm for Ceiling

Aluminum strip especially color coated aluminum strip is manufactured in different widths and at any length to cover the surface of the T-rail of ceilings, thus enhancing the decorative appearance of ceiling support structures. Aluminium strip 30mm is a likely choice. The colors can be chosen from Ral or Panton colors.

Aluminum strips are generally cut according to the actual width of the user, which can reduce waste, reduce processing (no cutting), and save raw material costs. The aluminum strip ceiling adopts 5052 aluminum alloy. The coating chooses polyester painting. Haomei coating system guarantees a perfect surface finish and optimum paint adhesion, as well as tight bend radii at the edges.

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The main two paints for painted aluminum ceiling strip are fluorocarbon (PVDF) and polyester (PE). The paint colors and effects between the two can be same, but the price gap between the two is not small. The main reason is that the cost of painting between the two is quite different. Fluorocarbon paint contains fluorine, which has better weather resistance, longer service life and higher price.

The coating process is a critical step in the production of colored aluminum strip coil, which directly affects the final coating quality and product durability. Therefore, the coating process is very strict. With the continuous improvement of coating equipment and the development and utilization of new coatings, the production of coated aluminum coils is more mature, and the processing costs are also falling. The color coated aluminum strips/coils have therefore developed rapidly.

The main processing equipment of the aluminum strip is the slitting unit, which can be divided into the required length and width according to the needs. Of course, the equipment for strip processing is universal, and copper coils can also be processed, and the processed products are called copper strips.

One important quality index of the aluminum alloy product is the precision. The width precision of Haomei aluminum strip for ceiling can reach plus or minus 0.03mm, and the thickness can be controlled within plus or minus 0.01mm. The improvement of precision can reduce scrap rate and improve production efficiency. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum strip ceiling price.

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