What Is Aluminum Strip Width

At present, the width of aluminum coils is generally between 800-2600mm. The commonly used width is within 1000-1500mm. Within this width, the price is more appropriate and cost-effective. The wider the width, the higher the price.

The width of the aluminum coil is related to the rolling equipment and the flattening equipment. The higher the width, the higher the pressure required by the equipment and the higher the equipment cost. Therefore, there are not so many manufacturers of ultra-wide aluminum coils.

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The thin aluminum strip is a product made of aluminum coil processed by a slitting unit. The width is usually between 10mm-900mm. Usually the width of the aluminum strip is relatively narrow. It is often used in hardware and lamp stamping, transformers and related electronic appliances and cable armoring. The aluminum strip 15mm is a popular choice.

Technical advantages of aluminum coil slitting and straightening

Its main advantages are reflected in its accuracy, stability and efficiency. It has high precision and can achieve precise slitting and straightening of aluminum coil. It has strong stability and the straightening accuracy can be continuously maintained; it is also very efficient and can split tens of meters of aluminum plates at a time, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory.

The aluminum coil slitting and straightening process

Firstly, the aluminum coil is put into the slitting machine, and then the aluminum coil is transferred to the straightening machine. In the straightening machine, the aluminum coil will be rolled to the required width and can be accurately straightened.

Then, put the straightened aluminum coil into the slitting machine, and adjust the parameters of the slitting machine to realize the slitting of the aluminum plate and complete the entire aluminum coil slitting and straightening process.

Aluminum coil slitting and straightening technology is widely used in industrial fields, especially in the home appliance industry. In the home appliance industry, aluminum coil slitting and straightening technology can accurately divide thick aluminum coils into precise aluminum plates, and can be accurately straightened to ensure the overall appearance and performance of home appliances. The aluminium strip 25mm x 3mm is often used.

During the implementation of the aluminum coil slitting and straightening technology, certain requirements need to be met, including the type and thickness of the aluminum coil, as well as the quality and size of the aluminum coil. If the type of aluminum coil, aluminum strip thickness and quality do not meet the requirements, it will affect the effect.

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