Aluminum Bendable Strips for Ceiling

The first generation of ceiling products is gypsum board and mineral wool board; the second generation is PVC ceiling; the third generation product is metal ceiling. Now gypsum board and mineral wool board are also constantly improving, including waterproof gypsum board and sound-absorbing mineral wool board. However, they have a single plate shape and are not easy to clean.

Aluminum ceiling is a kind of ceiling made of aluminum material. This kind of ceiling is generally used in office buildings. It is a relatively lightweight ceiling, which can be divided into many types. So which is better?

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Aluminum ceiling strips

Aluminum ceiling strips for decoration has an open field of vision, ventilated and breathable, with clear lines and distinct layers. The installation is also very simple. It has rich colors, among which the the wood grain is the most popular color now.

It is used for concealed projects in many crowded public places, which are convenient for air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation, and at the same time, can make the light distribution evenly, and make the whole space spacious and bright.

It is often used in subway, high-speed rail station, airport, large shopping mall, passage, leisure place, public toilet, building exterior wall and other open places. Aluminum bendable strips are used to hang on the keel, which hides the keel system visually.

Aluminum ceiling panel

Aluminum ceiling panel has a tight structure and strong waterproofness. The installation structure is a windproof special keel snap-on structure, which is very dense and without gaps. There are fixed-modulus clips on the high-deep keel, and the metal ceiling is designed with windproof clips next to each clip for wind resistance. It is suitable for outdoor decoration and has high safety. It can be suitable for outdoor installations and can be flexibly assembled and used.

Haomei Aluminum has rich colors and sizes of aluminum bendable strips for different applications like ceiling, shutter, transformer, spacer, channel letter,etc. Welcome to leave mess below to inquire what you need.

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