Pure Aluminum Strip for Transformer

Aluminum strip for transformer has a high aluminum content (usually above 99.6%-99.7%). The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum is only lower than that of conventional metals such as copper. The main grades of transformer aluminum strips are A1060 (O), which are mainly used as conductive materials in high and low voltage winding of dry-type transformers.

1060 aluminum strip belongs to pure aluminum strip. The raw materials of pure aluminum strips are cast-rolled or hot rolled coil aluminum coil. They are rolled by a cold rolling mill into thin aluminum coils of different thicknesses and widths, and then slit longitudinally by a slitting machine

The main processing equipment for pure aluminum strips is the slitting unit, which can be divided into required lengths and widths as needed. Usually, pure aluminum strips are cut into widths according to the actual needs of users, which can reduce waste materials, reduce processing steps (no need for cutting), and save raw material costs. The 10mm wide aluminium strip is a popular specification.

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Pure aluminum strip is an important material widely used in various industries. Its special properties make it an indispensable part of the manufacturing and construction industries from automobile manufacturing to electronic equipment, from building structures to heat exchangers.

Firstly, pure aluminum strips have good electrical conductivity properties. Pure aluminum strips have a lower resistivity than copper, making them one of the preferred materials for power transmission and electronic devices. In the field of power transmission, pure aluminum strips are used to make high-voltage transmission cables to carry electrical energy from power plants to various end users. In electronic equipment manufacturing, pure aluminum strips are used to make wires, connectors and heat sinks.

Secondly, pure aluminum strips have excellent corrosion resistance. Pure aluminum strips have a naturally formed oxide layer that effectively protects the aluminum strips from further corrosion. This enables pure aluminum strips to be used in a variety of harsh environments, such as humid climates, seawater environments or chemically corrosive media. Therefore, pure aluminum strips are widely used in marine engineering, food processing and chemical industries for the manufacture of ship parts, food processing equipment and chemical tanks.

In addition, pure aluminum strips also have good thermal conductivity properties. Because pure aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, it can be used to make heat exchangers and radiators. In air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, pure flat aluminum strips are widely used to make evaporators and condensers to efficiently transfer heat to or from the refrigerant. At the same time, in automobile engines and electronic equipment, pure aluminum strips are also used to make radiators to ensure the normal operating temperature of the system.

Whether used in power transmission, electronic equipment, building structures or other industrial areas, pure aluminum strips play a key role, providing reliable solutions for a variety of processes and applications. Haomei Aluminum is a big aluminum strip supplier in China. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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