An Overview of Aluminum Decorative Strips

The aluminium decorative strip usually belongs to color coated aluminium strip, which is a composite material formed by coating one or more layers of organic paint on the surface. It has the advantages of both aluminum and organic material. It not only has the mechanical strength, good toughness, and easy processing of aluminum plate, but also has good coloring, decoration, and corrosion resistance of organic polymer coating materials.

It can be easily punched, bent, deep drawn, welded, etc., and the finished product is practical, decorative, easy to process, and durable. It is used in various constructions such as industrial plants, stations, airports, gymnasiums, commercial buildings, and residential buildings, as well as in the home appliance manufacturing industry.

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According to different classification criteria, we can also divide them into many different types:

1. Based on aluminum alloys, it can be divided into 1100, 1060,3003, 3004, etc. Colored aluminum strips of different materials have different hardness and strength.

2. Based on the thickness of the paint, it can be divided into: single-coated color aluminum strip and double-coated color aluminum strip.

3. Based on the paint material, it can be divided into three types: aluminum decorative strip with polyester paint, painted aluminum strip with fluorocarbon paint, and colored aluminum panels with epoxy paint.

Because the surface is coated with fluorocarbon polymer resin, aluminum decorative strips have good corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet erosion performance,better heat storage to achieve heat preservation effect, etc.

It also has the following advantages:

1. The colored 40mm aluminum strip has low light absorption rate and no reflection, so the heat insulation effect is very obvious, featuring no light pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. It can be soundproof, fireproof and corrosion resistant.

3. It is light and of simple structure, which is easy to transport and disassemble.

4. It has good anti-aging performance, and its service life is longer than that of the same type of materials.

5. It is made of high-precision gap-free bonding technology, which is not easy to peel off and delaminate even in areas with extremely low temperature, and it has better tolerance to extreme environments.

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