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Aluminum strip can be divided into many series according to its material, which needs to be understood by customers, because it is related to the use of aluminium strips.

Pure Aluminum Series of Aluminum Strip Material: pure aluminum strip has the advantages of good thermal conductivity, conductivity and ductility. It is often used in transformer, cable armor, metal stamping, lamp shade, radiator fins, etc. Pure aluminium strip has good bending and stamping properties in H24 semi-hard state, and good tensile properties in 0 soft state. It is suitable for the processing of stretching forming parts such as lamp shades. At the same time, the price of pure aluminium strip is the lowest among all aluminium strips, and the cost-effective ratio is high.
The representative of pure aluminium strip is 1060 aluminium strip. It should be noted that the strength of this aluminium strip is not as good as that of alloys, so it is not suitable for products with high strength requirements.
Aluminum Manganese Alloy Series of Aluminum Strip Material: The representative product 3003 Aluminum Strip, Aluminum Manganese Alloy Aluminum Strip has certain strength and rust and corrosion resistance, so it is suitable for the processing of hardware products with certain strength requirements, the price is slightly higher than that of pure Aluminum Strip.
Aluminum and magnesium alloy series of aluminium strip material: representative products 5052 5754 aluminium strip, magnesium alloy content is relatively high, with high hardness and good bending performance, suitable for the metal products industry which needs bending and has clear requirements for hardness.
Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy Series of Aluminum Strip Material: It represents 6061 T6 Aluminum Strip with high hardness. It is one of the hardest products in all Aluminum Strips. This series of Aluminum Strips is not suitable for bending.

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