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The aluminium strip is the strip produced by pressing the aluminum ingot and it can be divided into different grades, specifications and conditions according to its usage. Aluminum alloy strip types are: pure aluminum strip, transformer aluminum strip, super hard aluminum strip, full soft aluminum strip, semi hard aluminum strip and rust proof aluminum strip.

Aluminum strip has many uses, such as aluminum plastic composite pipe, cable, optical cable, transformer, heater, shutter and so on.
Aluminum edging strip processing technology: aluminum strip is aluminum deep processed product formed by aluminum coil cutting. It is an important raw material in industry.
According to the original alloy of aluminum strip, aluminum strip and aluminum plate are also divided into 8 series. But the current series are 100030005000 and 8000 Series.
According to the annealing state of aluminum strip, aluminum strip can be divided into fully soft (o state) semi hard (H24) full hard (h18). At present, the most commonly used should belong to the whole soft series, because the O state is easier to stretch and bend.
The main processing equipment of aluminium strip ceiling is the split unit which can be divided into required length and width according to needs. Of course, the processing equipment is general, and it can also process aluminum copper coils. The products are called copper strips.
Because the conductivity of aluminum is only lower than that of copper, the substitution of aluminum strip for copper strip is becoming a popular trend in the world.

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