The Manufacturing Process of 2mm Aluminum Strip

The common properties of all rolled aluminum strips are light weight, high strength and good durability. These properties make it widely used in major market areas such as packaging, transportation and construction.
The rolling is one of the main aluminum processing methods, and the raw material is flat ingots. Through hot rolling, a 600mm thick slab can be rolled into a thick plate with a thickness of 6-250mm. The thick plate can continue to be rolled to 2mm to become the raw material for cold rolling. Then it cab slit into 2mm aluminum strip.
2mm aluminum strip
Conventional rolling
The aluminum flat ingot is heated to about 525°C, and then reciprocated through the hot rolling mill until the thickness of the aluminum plate reaches the required thickness, or the thickness is small enough (usually 3mm), and then coiled into a coil as a raw material for cold rolling. The last 3-4 passes of hot rolling usually pass through a 3 or 4 sets of rolling mills in sequence.
Through rolling, the metal structure of cast aluminum can be changed to give it new characteristics. Cast aluminum has coarse grains and strong brittleness. Through rolling, its strength and ductility will increase. The strength and ductility of aluminum flat strip are related to the degree of rolling (deformation), rolling temperature, alloy composition and annealing treatment.
Commercial pure aluminum from aluminum smelters contains 99%-99.7% of aluminum, in addition to iron, silicon and other elements. After rolling, aluminum becomes soft and ductile. However, by adding a certain amount of other elements to pure aluminum, such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, and silicon, aluminum alloys can be formed. Different aluminum alloys have completely different properties and strengths.
In addition, through a special refining process, high-purity aluminum with an aluminum content of up to 99.99% can also be obtained. High-purity aluminum is used to produce special products, such as reflector aluminum plates, and aluminum plates used in the electrical industry.
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