4mm 5mm Aluminium Strip

Aluminum strip can basically be produced and processed from various alloys. Among them, the commonly used aluminum alloy grades are 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 8011, etc., and the commonly used tempers are O and H. O means soft state, and H means hard state.The common thickness is 3mm, 4mm and 5mm aluminium strip.

Its production process: slab milling - slab heating - hot rough rolling (reversible) - hot finish rolling (irreversible) - cold rolling (trimming, intermediate annealing, etc.) - finishing (cleaning, cross-cutting, etc.)


Many customers like to choose the bendable aluminum strips. Generally, the aluminum strip with O temper is easy to be bent, but the aluminum strip in this state is too soft, we generally seldom use aluminum strip in this state for bending. Generally, the hardness of pure aluminum is not too high. Specifically, 1100, 1050, 1060, etc. can be used for pure aluminum bending. It is recommended to use 1100H26.

Cans are the most commonly used beverage packaging materials in our daily life. Aluminum strips for cans are mainly composed of three aluminum alloys with different components: 3004 alloy for can body, 5052 alloy for can lid and 5182 alloy for pull ring. Aluminum alloy is the key to making cans.

The color coated aluminum strip is a main kind of the aluminum strips. It refers to the coloring treatment of the surface of aluminum alloy. Because the performance of aluminum alloy is very stable, it is not easy to be corroded. Generally, after special treatment, the surface layer can guarantee that it will not fade for at least 30 years. The coatings for color-coated aluminum strips mainly include fluorocarbon paint (PVDF) and polyester paint (PE).

Haomei Aluminium is a major manufacturer of coated aluminum strips for the roller shutter market. Our many years of experience in the production and manufacture of aluminum have helped us become specialists in rolling shutters.

Aluminum is playing an increasingly important role in the field of rolling shutters, and it has excellent properties compared to other materials, such as low weight and high rigidity. 4mm aluminum strip is a popular choice. We combine these advantages, using the most suitable aluminum alloys with paint systems, enabling continuous development of aluminum strip production.

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