Advantages of Aluminum Fin Stock

The advantages of pure aluminum strips are good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and ductility, and are often used in transformers, cable armoring, metal stamping, lampshades, radiator fins, etc. In the H24 semi-hard temper, the pure aluminum strip has good bending and punching properties. The typical alloys are 1060 aluminum strip.

Due to the high aluminum content, the aluminum fin stock has the advantages of good heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. In recent years, it has been used more and more in the refrigeration, electronics and other industries. After being processed by professional winding equipment, aluminum strip can play a high heat dissipation effect, and it is a common material in the refrigeration industry, especially in recent years.

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The base plate of the air-cooled radiator is usually formed by extrusion of 6063 aluminum alloy, and then fins made of 1050 aluminum strip. The water-cooled radiator is made of cooling tubes and fins made of 4 series/3series aluminum alloy composite plates after processing and brazing. Aluminum alloy composites are the key raw materials for the manufacture of brazed heat exchangers such as automotive radiators.

The aluminum strip is processed by the aluminum coil into the slitting equipment, so the processing thickness and tolerance of the aluminum strip are closely related to the slitting equipment. Our aluminum strip slitting equipment is all from Germany, which can effectively control the width tolerance. The tolerance is controlled within 0.05mm.

Aluminum strips of the same aluminum alloy will affect the price due to different widths and different packaging methods. In principle, the smaller the width and the smaller the inner diameter, the higher the price. The common width is more than 200 mm, and the commonly used inner diameter is 500 mm, so It is suggested that if the user has no specific requirements for the inner diameter, the inner diameter of 500mm can be selected.

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