Rain gutter is widely used in North America like Canada and New Zealand. Since New Zealand and Canada have a lot of rain during the rainy season, the rain gutter that looks the most inconspicuous on the house is an important part of ensuring that your house is not leaking. Rain gutters are divided into two types: metal and plastic.
The color coated aluminum strip is coated with PE or PVDF coating, so it can withstand severe cold and high temperature. Its color is stable under the harsh and changeable climate such as acid rain and salt corrosion.
Color coated aluminum strip
The specific gravity of metal aluminum is 2.7. The stressed object is relatively light, which greatly improves the whole the safety of the drainage system. Due to the low specific gravity of manganese-aluminum alloy and the metal hook, the color aluminum gutter is safe and reliable under stress. Its installation is also very easy to learn and convenient. It can be recycled and meets the requirements of green buildings.
The rain gutter made of 3003 H-24 aluminum strip is a classic configuration of North American residential buildings. It has many advantages. The top one is durability. Most gutter made of aluminum will last for 30 years.
Another advantage is its low cost. The aluminum gutter cost is only one third of that of steel gutter. You can also install them by yourself, saving installation cost. The color aluminum gutter does not need to be welded during installation. They are also very light, so they can easily change shape during installation.
One of the biggest features of colored aluminum gutters is color. Most other types of gutters are only available in a limited range of colors. Color aluminum strips can produce a variety of colors. One of the last advantages of color aluminum gutters is that they do not leak. They are designed seamlessly.
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