What Are Applications of Decorative Aluminum Strips

The decorative aluminum strip is a kind of color coated aluminum strip. According to the paint types, it can be divided into fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum strips (PVDF), polyester color-coated aluminum coil strip (PE), and epoxy-coated aluminum coils ( EPOXY) and other categories.

After the plain aluminum coil passes these steps like cleaning, chromium, roller coating, baking, etc., the surface of the aluminum roll is accompanied by various colors of paint coating. Because of light texture, bright colors, easy processing,etc., it is widely used in insulation boards, aluminum curtain walls, shutters, rolling door, aluminum -magnesium manganese roof system, aluminum ceilings, household appliances, gutter,etc.

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Main Applications


Aluminum alloy has been always use for the gutter. The main alloys of aluminum decorative strips are 3105 and 3003. The same coating is usually coated on both sides of the aluminum roll, but often different color combinations. This allows customers to choose and install any decorative surface.


The use of aluminum strip for the large ceiling area avoids the needs of the expensive support architecture due to its light weight. Another advantage of coated aluminum strip is that rich colors provide greater design freedom.

With our latest aluminum strip material, we can reduce the material thickness of 10 percentage points, but maintain unchanged formability and stiffness.


We choose 3105, 3005 or 5052 aluminum strip and quality coatings for the outdoor applications. Haomei color coated aluminum strips are not only corrosion -resistant, abrasion -resistant but not fading. This product has perfect surface smoothness.

Manufacturing process

The use of continuous roller coating production equipment can better ensure the thickness of the coating thickness. Generally, the thickness of the one layer of paint is 15um and the thickness of the double paint is 25um. It can better guarantee color consistency. At the same time, the continuous roller coating is a dust -free workshop, and there will be no problems such as dust, particles, and foreign objects on the surface.

Sample and coloring

Because the particularity of painted aluminum strips is mainly reflected in color, in order to avoid the problem of color difference, we all produce samples first. It can be sampled according to the color card number, such as Raul color cards, Pantone color cards, and can be sampled according to the samples sent by the customers. The white aluminum strips are a popular choice.

Haomei Aluminum provides specializes in providing high-quality aluminum decorative strips, has the advantages of low order (1.5 tons), short delivery period (7-10 days), and stable quality. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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