medicinal aluminum strip

The common types of medicinal aluminum strip

1060 aluminum strip requires high corrosion resistance and formability occasions, but the strength requirements are not high, chemical equipment is its typical use.

1100 aluminum strip for processing requires good formability and high corrosion resistance but does not require high-strength parts such as chemical products, food industry installations and storage containers, sheet work pieces, deep drawing or spinning concave containers, welded parts, heat exchangers, printed boards, nameplates, reflective appliances.

3004 aluminum plate, thick plate, stretching tube. As long as the extruded tube is used for all aluminum can body, it requires higher parts than 3003 alloy, chemical products production and storage devices, sheet metal processing parts, building baffles, cable pipes, sewers, various lamps and lanterns parts.

3003 aluminium plate/strip/foil. Thick aluminum plate, stretch tube. Extruding tube. Type. Stick. Wire rod. Cold-worked bars, cold-worked wires, rivet wires, forgings, foils, and fins are mainly used to process parts requiring good formability, high corrosion resistance, or good weldability, or both those requiring higher strength than 1*** series alloys, such as tanks and tanks for transporting liquids, pressure tanks, etc. Storage, heat exchanger, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tank, oil duct, reflector, kitchen equipment, washing machine cylinder, rivet, welding wire.

5052 alloy has good formability, corrosion resistance, candleability, fatigue strength and medium static strength. It is used to manufacture aircraft fuel tank, tubing, and sheet metal parts for vehicles and ships.

Excellent properties of medicinal aluminum strip

1, the density is small, the density of pure aluminum is 2700kg/m3, about 1/3 of iron (the density of iron is 7800kg/m3).

2. The weight and strength of pure aluminium sheet are not high, although the strength of pure aluminium is not high, it can be doubled by cold working and further strengthened by adding alloying elements and heat treatment. The strength of pure aluminium is comparable to that of high-quality alloy steel.

3, easy to process, aluminum can be cast by any casting method. Aluminum has good plasticity and can be rolled into sheets and foils, drawn into tubes and wires, extruded into various profiles, and processed with various machine tools.

4. Corrosion resistant. The surface of aluminum strip and its alloy is easy to form a dense and firm oxidation protective film. This protective film makes aluminum very resistant to atmospheric corrosion and water corrosion, and can only be destroyed under the intense action of halogen ions and alkali ions. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy can be improved by adopting protective measures.

5, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are good. The conductivity and thermal conductivity of aluminum are second only to silver, copper and gold. If the mass conductivity is calculated, its conductivity is twice that of copper.

6. Reflectivity is strong. The reflectivity of polished surface of aluminum to white light is over 80%. Aluminum has good reflectivity to infrared ray, ultraviolet ray, electromagnetic wave, thermal radiation and so on.

7. No magnetism, no spark, no noise and no radiation.

8. The melting point of pure aluminum is 660 degrees centigrade and the coefficient of thermal expansion is 68.1 x 10-6m3/ (m3.K).

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