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The aluminum ceiling strips are generally used in office buildings and is a relatively lightweight ceiling. It has very good surface coating properties, and its internal coating materials are difficult to be corroded by nature, even if it is exposed to wind and rain outdoors. The lifetime is usually at 15 years.

Due to the lower weight of aluminum, the larger ceiling area avoids the need for costly support structures. Another advantage is the rich colors of aluminum strip ceiling offers greater design freedom for shaping individual solutions. Thus, all ceiling systems can be harmoniously matched to their surroundings.

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Color coated aluminum strip is the surface coloring treatment of aluminum sheet or aluminum strip coil. This is the most popular aluminum profile at present. The commonly used are PVDF and PE coated aluminum strip. They has high gloss retention, good color stability, and small color change.

For all our aluminum ceiling strips, Haomei Aluminium will never omit the pretreatment. The pretreatment is to use an alternating current with a sulfuric acid electrolyte to form an aluminum oxide film on the aluminum surface.

This film is an integral part of the aluminum surface and is a flexible porous structure. Our pre-treatment preparation enables the aluminum strip has excellent paint adhesion and corrosion-resistant surface. More importantly, this pre-treatment is very safe, which , does not contain any heavy metal chromium or chemicals, so our aluminum strip ceiling is extremely environmentally friendly.

The factors that affect the aluminum strip price are mainly related to the alloys, the width and the thickness of the aluminum strip. Generally, the thickness of the aluminum strip can be processed from 0.15 to 6mm aluminium strip. The thinner the thickness of the aluminum strip, the more meters and the longer the processing time. Therefore, the price of the aluminum strip has a certain relationship with the thickness. Welcome to tell us your specification, we will calculate a best price for you.

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