O aluminium strip 1060 for battery connection

  The o aluminium strip 1060 for battery connection is of 0.10mm to 0.3mm thick, and 100mm to 1700mm wide, featured by good conductivity and light weight. As an important part of lithium batteries and battery modules, precision structural parts such as flexible positive and negative connections and flexible battery connection bars have a direct impact on the safety, air-tightness, and energy efficiency of lithium batteries. And the batteries are further the powerful support of electric vehicles, for they affect the running distance of car. All battery manufacturers are looking for better materials and better processing techniques. Basically, they agree on the conductive connection.
o aluminium strip 1060 rolls for battery connection

  Aluminium soft connection has many advantages: light and strong in conductivity. Weight reduction is a crucial solution to the rise of cruising range of a car before a better energy storage material is found for electric cars. Basically the housing and the upper cover of the battery PACK are all made of pure aluminum materials and processed by metal stamping methods. Sheet metal processing is used when the displacement is small. The cost is low and the processing speed is fast. The batteries are connected in series to form a battery module to provide power for new energy vehicles. In connection with auto parts, the flexible connection by o aluminium strip 1060 is widely used.

  The 1060 aluminum strip O state is applied to the flexible connection of new energy vehicle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, power batteries and other fields are also widely used in electromechanical equipment, electrical devices, electrical engineering, electricity, electrical equipment and other industries. The strip is featured by good corrosion resistance, high adaptability to extremely low temperatures, high conductivity, low density and convenient recycling. In the future years it will still be a mainstream soft connection material for batteries of electric cars around the world.

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